“I have been working out at Griffin Fitness off and on for about 10 years.  I’ve been ‘on’ regularly for the last three years.  At 56, I am stronger and more energized than ever before.  I feel like I’m in my thirties and ready to take on anything!  Lisa’s workouts are always well thought out and brought me along to the best Me ever.  With her help, I know my quality of life will remain awesome now and for years to come.  Lisa is the best!” – Carole Wirbick

“Personal training at Griffin Fitness has helped me become stronger and fitter.  The first year I had Joel as my trainer.  He created a stress-free atmosphere that calmed any anxiety I had.  Joel reinforced correct form and gently nudged me to push myself.  Joel always had music to accompany our workouts and he had the most eclectic array of music anyone I knew.  I often felt I wasn’t walking into a gym but into a family’s living room where everyone was welcome.  The clients behaved like a family that exercised together with lots of laughter, banter, and lively discussions on life.

Lisa McVeigh is my trainer now.  My husband has since joined me in a couple training sessions.  I actually thought it would be difficult for us to train together but with Lisa’s skill and her easy-going personality, we continually look forward to and enjoy our workouts.  My husband and I have become each other’s best cheerleader.  Lisa also accommodates our work hours.  The exercises are varied so the sessions never become rote or routine.  Lisa’s professionalism, skill and experience enables her to adapt the exercises to any injuries or to the aches and pains of aging.  I recently recovered from a workplace injury and the exercises given to me by Griffin Fitness were critical in my recovery.  My husband and I have gained fitness, strength and better physical balance.  The gains are accomplished in less time with a personal trainer at Griffin Fitness.  I miss Joel, but am so thankful to Lisa and to her continuing this amazing gym.  And the music is still good.” – Sue Heppell

“Well I have never used a personal trainer.  I don’t go to fitness clubs.  I always thought I could do what I needed to do to get fit at home.  Why not, I have every piece of equipment you can buy at home in a comfortable setting with a big screen TV.

The then reality hit when nothing in my wardrobe fit any longer.  I wasn’t using any of this fabulous equipment.  I saw no change in sight…After passing We will force you to be fit sign for years, I decided to give it a try.

My personal trainer is Solomon Jones.  I immediately liked him.  He has a perfect personality to make the experience fun while pushing me beyond my where I thought I could go.  Solomon has created for me a well thought out regimen that is well rounded and effective.  I’m on week 9 and I haven’t missed a day.  I feel better than I’ve felt since I was young.  I’m now motivated to push harder, lose weight, and look great.  I highly recommend starting the year with a personal trainer.  You will not get the same results on your own!” – Barbara Weaver Lloyd

“I have been a regular at Griffin Fitness almost since they first opened.  I was recovering from a back surgery and wanted to get myself in the position that it won’t happen again.  I have been treated with knowledgeable trainers, who listen to me, and any limitations that I may have, they are able to work around these areas and still get me to be fit.  My expectations were modest, and I have improved beyond my expectations.  I am in better condition and strength than I was 20 years ago!  Since I made a commitment to get more fit, I have lost weight, gained strength and people tell me I look great too!  I recommend this type of training over joining a “gym” any day.  This is much better than trying to do it on your own.” – Dave White